Click here to go back to the main page Computer Programming History A brief history of computing in my life. I currently hold a BSc in Information Systems from Athabasca University.
  1. Late 1980's: I started programming on the family Commodore-64, really basic programming techniques using line basic. I was 8 years old.
  2. 1990's: Started programming in C using a dos based Microsoft C compiler. This was using my Commodore-486 SX 25mhz with 4MB of ram.
  3. 1990's: Moved compilers to Borland C
  4. Mid 1990's: Experimented with Linux and using GCC.
  5. Late 1990's: Most of my programming was in Visual Basic, all done on a 486 DX with 8MB of RAM: 2 HD's a 500MB and a 120MB. Interesting problem on this computer, with the 500MB HD installed the graphics card would leave colored lines alll over the place when the mouse was dragged, text was missing or misformed characers. (this issue still illudes me) I used this computer like this for many years.
  6. Grade 8-9: Switched most of my programming to assembler (x86) Lauched my first website as assembler help.
  7. 1999: Moved most of my programming to gcc on OpenBSD
  8. Grade 10: Took pascal programming I/II in High School
  9. Grade 11: Challanged programming III - VB in High School
  10. Grade 12: started programming in: perl, python, php (later on), my main language remained C with some assembler.
  11. University: Attended UofC and finished at Athabasca, worked mostly with C, some Java.
  12. Post university: Mostly C and PHP programming and running servers on OpenBSD