Greetings and welcome to all future QCWA members!

We appreciate your interest in the Quarter Century Wireless Association (QCWA) founded in 1947. QCWA Wild Rose Chapter 151 was chartered in May 18, 1984. It would be our pleasure to have you join this rapidly expanding association of radio amateurs who have like interests and have been licensed for 25 years or more.

You will find two application forms on this website at Membership Applications. The first is a "One Step" application form to join both QCWA International and QCWA Wild Rose Chapter 151. The new easy to fill form allows you to enroll with QCWA International and QCWA Wild Rose Chapter 151 (in Canadian funds) by filing only one application.

A second application form is for those who have not yet been licensed for 25 years. If you have not been licensed for 25 years or more QCWA Wild Rose Chapter 151 refers you to being a "Friend" of the Chapter. For more see Welcome Friends! All privileges are afforded except you will not be able to hold office within the Chapter or vote on Chapter matters. Other than this, you are very welcome to join us for all of our activities - no matter what we do!

Upon joining QCWA International a permanent membership number will be issued to you. This number will never be re-issued again and remains yours even after you become a silent key. Once you have received your membership number you will begin receiving our newsletter, meeting minutes and other bulletins via post or e-mail. As a member we ask if you may consider contributing anything you might have to offer the organization. Our philosophy is this, if it pertains to amateur radio you will be considered a candidate without question! Another philosophy at Chapter 151 is, 'nothing in' will usually result in 'nothing out'! As well each and every member should promote Chapter 151 to your eligible amateur radio friends. This will be the only way Chapter 151 can grow into a large and active Chapter.

Wild Rose Chapter 151 hold luncheon meetings throughout the year and usually hold their Annual General Meeting in September. This is a dinner meeting which includes an excellent program speaker. Spouses are welcome and are encouraged to join us for the dinner festivities and highlights of the evening.

We know that you may have other questions not covered above. If so we ask that you contact one of the Chapter 151 Executive members who will be pleased to help in anyway they can.

Again we thank you for your interest in QCWA and we hope you will decide to become a member of this very special organization!

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