Why Should I Join QCWA?

  1. Receive a monthly QCWA Journal with news and articles of interest to QCWA Members.

  2. Qualify to receive lapel pins with year tags for every 5 years from 25 years up.

  3. Receive Certificates

  4. Membership Certificate at time of joining QCWA National Headquarters

  5. QCWA Anniversary Certificate - issued in 5-year increments from 50 years on up.

  6. Fifty year Continuous Licensing Certificate.

  7. QCWA Century Club Certificate - qualification is age + number of years as a QCWA member equals 100 or more.

  8. Meritorious Award Certificate - issued upon request by an active QCWA Chapter.

  9. Operating Awards - for number of QCWA members worked in the various states and QCWA Chapters.

  10. Eligible for 6 other major QCWA Awards as determined by the QCWA Board of Directors.QCWA Awards
  11. Member Supplies - such as emblems, stamps, caps, decals, shirts and QSL cards.

  12. Participation in QCWA QSO Parties.

  13. Eligible to recommend a student for a scholarship to continue their education in university or college. Scholarships

    So Why Not Join Now!

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