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We have been looking at doing this for years now, we have purchased a Chevy Van 1500 AWD to use as our base for the camper Van for 2 people. We bought it used from a local Telco, it has a roof rack (prefect for boats / etc) and an inverter preinstalled. I will be updating this page with the progress.

- Mostly convertable back to cargo van if we need it 
     (read: camper parts removable) This will be acommplished by the rv components being bolt in. 
- (Mostly Complete) Toilet (composting)
- (Mostly Complete) Kitchenette (stove/bbq), wash basin, water tank
- (Complete) Insulation for living compartment
- Fridge
- (Complete) Bed
- (Started) Storage for camping supplies / food. 
- (Complete) Curtains between cab and back of van
- (Mostly complete) Wood panel walls

Nice to have:
- Built in storage compartments
- Solar system with extra battery and lighting
- More windows
- Roof extension (probably will not happen)

Here are the pictures before we picked it up

Here are the pictures from the conversion: