Now that you have read the reasons why you should join, please take a few minutes and fill out your membership application.

Please note that QCWA Wild Rose Chapter 151 now provides an easy 'one step' membership application form for your convenience.

At this time, you can download and print the membership application from a Word Document and mail in. Dial up accounts please be patient while the MS Word document downloads.

* QCWA National and Wild Rose Chapter 151 "One Step" Application Form - (Click 'Back' button to Return)

If you already are a member of QCWA International and wish to join Wild Rose Chapter 151 then print and fill out this application form.

* And for those who are not yet licensed 25 years or more, you now can become a 'Friend' of QCWA Wild Rose Chapter 151! For more see Welcome Friends!

* QCWA Wild Rose Chapter 151 Friend Application - (Click 'Back' button to Return)

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